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Your Dental Implant Specialist Centres for Sydney and Newcastle

Our treatment specialists and professionals come from both the medical and dental professions. And by working with our dentists, or with your own trusted dental professional, we aim to offer you a coordinated team approach to your total dental implant care. Overall we want to give you maximum advantage in receiving the highest standards of medical and dental implant treatment when it comes to your teeth, jaws, face and smile.

From specialist radiology, to specialist surgery, to specialist anaesthetic care to specialist manufacturers in dental implantology… We work with medical and dental professionals to maximise the fantastic modern opportunity of dental implant treatment to replace your lost teeth and dental structures.

You are being referred to a coordinated team of doctors, surgical specialists and dental implant practitioners. Medicare also helps with some of your treatment costs. And we assist both private medical and private dental insurance providers to help you in other cost areas of dental implant treatment too.

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We can work with your trusted dental implant restorative dentist to maximise the efficiency of your health dollar. This means we reduce our costs to you, and aim to maximise your legitimate rebate opportunities where we can.

Alternatively, you can come to us for a one-stop-shop solution for your dental implant, from treatment planning and care coordination, through dental implant surgery, and eventually to final dental implant restoration.

It’s all up to you. At Profilo, we’re here to help you with all your dental implant solutions.

Out-of-town? Email us your digital OPG (dental x-ray) for a confidential opinion.

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